Life Care Planning

The Kabb Law Firm uses the acclaimed Life Care Planning approach to Elder Law. The Life Care Planning approach is an integrated, elder-centered process led by our team that includes an Attorney, a Public Benefits Coordinator and a Social Worker (who we refer to as the Care Coordinator.)

The Life Care Plan is the solution our team creates that provides an organized, concise plan for the current and future legal, financial and care needs of an elder loved one.

The Plan takes into consideration the goals, concerns, ideas, and opinions of you and your loved one so that we can all arrive at a personalized solution that suits your loved one’s particular needs and circumstances.

You should also know that, unlike traditional elder law firms which focus on saving the elder’s money for the next generation, one of the tenets of the Life Care Plan is that your loved one’s funds should be devoted to maximizing their own quality of life and independence.

The Life Care Plan will change as circumstances change.

We develop the Life Care Plan based on you or your loved one’s immediate legal, financial, and care needs.

But we don’t stop there – our team stays in the picture, guiding decisions down the road when the necessary level of care changes, adjusting the Life Care Plan details accordingly.

If and when nursing home care is needed, the family will already have a plan in place to access public benefits as well as to find and pay for needed care.

Instead of reacting to crises as they occur, our advanced planning enables elders and their families to avoid the crisis that occurs when last-minute decisions must be made about their elderly loved one’s long-term care.

If you or your loved one can benefit from life care planning, give the Elder Law & Care team at Kabb Law a call or contact us today.