How to Build a Social Life as a Senior Citizen

It is so easy to slip into sadness and seclusion when a spouse, close friend or pet dies. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It isn’t impossible to build a new and fulfilling social life.  Begin with a new attitude and follow these seven tips.

  1. Think about the activities that you used to enjoy, and get back to your old book club, church group or volunteer team.
  2. Stretch your mind, and attend university lectures on topics that are totally new to you.
  3. Get back to keeping fit. Join a seniors walking club, or go to a senior’s gym.
  4. Find a buddy. Invite one of your neighbors to attend events with you.  Redevelop the rhythm of making new friends. Consider taking trips with other people your age, visiting new places and experiencing a nice change of scenery. Set up weekly or monthly luncheon dates with some old friends.
  5. Be open to new suggestions. Don’t be afraid of technology. This could be the age of discovery for you. If you have always wanted to take a pottery class, now is the perfect time to do it. Taking up new hobbies creates the opportunity to learn new skills.
  6. Volunteer to mentor younger people who are eager and willing learners. The respect that younger people have on their elders’ knowledge is vast.  Capitalize on this.
  7. Stay positive, and smile.  Did you know that smiling induces positive chemical changes in the brain? Rent light, humorous movies, or read a funny book.  Rediscovering your sense of humor will prevent you from wallowing in self-pity and sorrow. Remember, you are as old as you let yourself be, and your dreams are as expansive as you let them.

At Kabb Law, we have many more ideas to help get you back in the swing. Come in and see one of our social workers to help get you started.
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