Peace of Mind with a Firm That Truly Cares

Looking after the family you love takes patience and planning. For many families, the best way to ensure seniors and their families are taken care of is by drafting a written plan for elder care, estate issues, and probate and guardianship issues.

Elder Law & Care Planning

Seniors who’ve spent their lives looking out for their families often seek our help in crafting a binding legal plan for their own care, should they become unable to manage for themselves. We help seniors by setting their wishes down in writing before age, injury or illness requires a change in lifestyle.

Estate Planning for All

We believe that the whole family should come together when a loved one passes, which is why estate planning is so important. We help clients draft clear, easily understood and legally binding wills and bequests that eliminate uncertainty and encourage everyone to pull together during the difficult time after a loved one passes away.

Probate & Guardianship

As an elder law and care firm, Kabb Law has the expertise necessary to walk clients through the tricky business of setting up probate arrangements for your assets and guardianship agreements for underage or dependent family members. Taking care of the people who depend on you is one of the most important parts of what we do.

Public Benefits

Many veterans return home with permanent health conditions or disabilities that limit their enjoyment of life. Our practice specializes in helping you find and successfully apply for the benefits you have a right to. Our team of experienced Beachwood attorneys can help Ohio’s veterans understand the legal issues unique to their situation.

Experienced & Compassionate Elder Law & Care Firm in Beachwood, OH


Kabb Law, an elder law and care firm in Beachwood, OH, has years of experience helping families in the Cleveland area plan for the future, crafting legally binding arrangements that ensure your wishes are honored and your estate is managed the way you want it to be.



Because we know the peace of mind this brings is a great relief to the families we work with, knowing that their loved ones’ needs are provided for and that younger members of the family are well protected by the law.



We’re the first elder law firm in Northeast Ohio to have a full-time social worker and public benefits coordinator on staff making us an Elder Law and Care Firm. These professionals have the qualifications and the experience to help you plan for your long-term care, and to help you access the benefits you’re eligible for but might need help to apply to get.


Planning for the future can get complicated for seniors. If you live in the Beachwood, OH, area and you think you might need professional help with legal issues particular to seniors call and or visit Kabb Law to consult with our team.

We can help you plan, fund and enjoy a safe and comfortable retirement, get you the benefits you deserve and take care of your assets as part of a comprehensive estate plan that gives you peace of mind.

– Rachel A. Kabb-Effron, Esq., CELA


Rachel knows her business. When I had questions about setting up a special needs trust, she did her homework. Not only did she set up the trust but she kept me in the loop from start to finish. Whenever I have a question Rachel is always there to walk me through it. She is courteous and ALWAYS returns my calls promptly. I would recommend her for anything
J.M., Business Owner & Client
Rachel has been instrumental in helping my husband and I with his parents’ elder care needs. She provided us with a comprehensive plan to create a Trust to protect their assets as well as a plan to utilize Medicaid and VA benefits. Her team of social workers have provided support for various issues including helping to secure a hospice provider for my father-in-law. We are very pleased with the services her firm has provided. I have recommended Rachel to others and plan to continue to do so.
Ann, Client


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