Medicare Benefits Coordination

Medicare is a government health insurance program that covers seniors for such expenses as hospitalization, office visits, and medication.

Signing up for Medicare benefits can be a tricky process, which is why Kabb Law offers help to eligible applicants in the Beachwood, OH, area get the benefits they need.

Medicare Benefits

What Is Medicare?

Medicare benefits are a form of government-funded health insurance. Parts of the program are automatically given to seniors age 65 and over, while others need to be applied for. The Medicare program is divided into four parts, labeled A through D. Each is meant to cover different aspects of care:

Part A

Part A covers hospitalization expenses for recipients who need inpatient care. People get Part A automatically since there is no share of cost and no downside to getting the benefit. This part of Medicare can be used in conjunction with other insurance you have as part of your regular Medicare benefit coordination.

Part B

Part B pays some or all of the cost of outpatient care. This is usually doctors’ office visits, some specialist care, minor outpatient procedures and other costs not related to hospitalization. You have to sign up for Part B, which can charge different premiums based on your circumstances and other coverage.

Part C

Part C is a comprehensive plan that combines Parts A and B coverage as a package. Many employers offer Medicare Part C coverage as part of their benefits plan, and eligible recipients can sign up for the coverage on their own.

Part D

Part D is a prescription drug benefit meant to cover some or all of the cost of medication. People can sign up for Part D as an add-on to their other Medicare coverage if they wish, and the plan can generally be combined with other prescription drug insurance you might carry. There may also be a co-pay you cover yourself when you buy certain drugs.

Who Can Get Medicare?

The Medicare program isn’t for everyone. Details vary a bit in some cases, but you generally have to be a senior to access the benefits Medicare offers. Some benefits are for seniors over 65, while other benefits can be issued to people age 62 and over. If you have advanced kidney disease or a number of other conditions, you might be eligible for Medicare to help cover the cost of care regardless of your age.

Getting the Medicare Benefits You Need

Getting signed up for Medicare can be fast and simple, or it can be complicated and take a long time. Many seniors have trouble understanding the program’s different parts and the requirements they have to meet to sign up for them. It can also be hard to know what combination of Medicare benefits, private insurance, and out-of-pocket costs can save the most money for you.

Kabb Law is an elder law firm in Beachwood, OH, that knows Medicare law very well.

We help clients all over the Cleveland area plan for and get the Medicare health insurance they’re entitled to, and our team of experienced Medicare lawyers can help you understand your options.

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