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Looking after the family you love takes patience and planning. For many families, the best way to ensure seniors and their families are taken care of is by drafting a written plan for elder care, estate issues, and probate and guardianship issues.

Experienced and Compassionate Elder Law & Care Firm in Beachwood, OH

Kabb Law, an elder law and care firm in Beachwood, OH, has years of experience helping families in the Cleveland area plan for the future, crafting legally binding arrangements that ensure your wishes are honored and your estate is managed the way you want it to be.

The peace of mind this brings is a great relief to the families we work with, knowing that their loved ones’ needs are provided for and that younger members of the family are well protected by the law.

Kabb Law also works with veterans in and around Beachwood to manage their affairs and take care of their own families. We have an experienced and successful legal team that works with veterans to win disability cases, apply for public benefits veterans are entitled to and get the help they need to thrive in the years after serving their country.


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Kabb Law has specialists on staff who can help clients and their families in these areas:

Elder Law and Care Planning

Seniors who’ve spent their lives looking out for their families often seek our help in crafting a binding legal plan for their own care, should they become unable to manage for themselves. We help seniors by setting their wishes down in writing before age, injury or illness requires a change in lifestyle. Walking seniors through matters relating to living arrangements, plans for medical and memory care and advance directives, which help ensure your wishes are honored if and when the time comes. We can also help you plan financial arrangements to cover the cost of care, from assisted living to hospice.

Estate Planning For All 

We believe that the whole family should come together when a loved one passes, which is why estate planning is so important. We help clients draft clear, easily understood and legally binding wills and bequests that eliminate uncertainty and encourage everyone to pull together during the difficult time after a loved one passes away.

Probate and Guardianship

As an elder law and care firm, Kabb Law has the expertise necessary to walk clients through the tricky business of setting up probate arrangements for your assets and guardianship agreements for underage or dependent family members. Taking care of the people who depend on you is one of the most important parts of what we do.

Public Benefits

Many veterans return home with permanent health conditions or disabilities that limit their enjoyment of life. Our practice specializes in helping you find and successfully apply for the benefits you have a right to.

Veteran Law

Our team of experienced Beachwood attorneys can help Ohio’s veterans understand the legal issues unique to their situation. We help veterans in matters relating to their benefits, pensions and disability issues. We also have the experience to help you in cases relating to PTSD, service-connected disabilities, Social Security and health benefits, including VA and malpractice matters.

Kabb Law Blog

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Client Testimonials

“My husband and I have recently become clients of the Kabb Law Firm. We have  had an excellent experience with Kabb Law. We had all of the documents we requested completed quickly including living wills, wills, general powers of attorney, and health care powers of attorney. We also received good advice about the use of our long term care insurance. We highly recommend Rachel Kabb and her firm.”

Charlotte Miller MD & David Miller MD

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