Elder Abuse and Neglect in Northeast Ohio

The elderly population has done so much work to help move the nation forward that they deserve to be able to spend their aging years in peace. Some will have to turn to nursing facilities for care. While these senior citizens shouldn’t have to worry about elder abuse and neglect, some are victims of these atrocities.

Like you, Kabb Law in Beachwood, Ohio doesn’t believe that abuse or neglect of the elderly should ever be allowed.

Elder Abuse and Neglect in Northeast Ohio

Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect

There are many things that can be classified as abuse and neglect of a senior citizen. Some victims will have to cope with only one of these but others might deal with multiple forms.

  • Physical abuse that often leads to bruising or other injuries, can include improper restraining and chemical restraining
  • Neglect that can include keeping the senior away from proper health care, housing, food or protection
  • Sexual abuse that is not consensual
  • Emotional abuse that causes anguish, distress, isolation, intimidation or humiliation, can involve threats
  • Exploitation that involves taking assets or property, including money or having the senior citizen change estate plan components
  • Abandonment that leaves that elderly person on their own despite a presumption of care by another person
  • Self-neglect by the senior when they don’t take care of themselves; may be caused by dementia or other conditions

Whether you are the person in a nursing facility or the loved one of a resident, you should remember these forms of abuse. You might realize that there are subtle signs that something is amiss. One that is especially problematic is that the abuser will often try to isolate the resident. The person might hover when the senior citizen has company. This is because they are trying to hide what they are doing and don’t want the resident to say anything about what is going on.

Many nursing home residents won’t say anything about elder abuse and neglect. Instead, they suffer in silence.

Putting a stop to deplorable abuse is an immediate priority. Contact Kabb Law for help with this matter in Northeast Ohio.