Public Benefits

Northeast Ohio residents sometimes need asset-based assistance to live the best life possible.

The Kabb Law Firm helps to obtain and coordinate public benefits as a part of our Life Care Planning approach.

Public Benefits

Asset-Based Public Benefits

Public benefits are funds provided by the government based on a person’s financial assets and income. These benefits may include Medicaid, Social Security Income (SSI), food stamps, subsidized housing, and other public benefits.

Determining whether you meet the asset-based requirements or not can often be complicated.

The professionals at Kabb Law are here to work with you to determine whether you qualify and how various decisions you make may impact your ability to receive them now and in the future.

The Kabb Law Firm focuses on public benefits that are most relevant to the elderly such as Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare.

While these benefits often have complex application processes, there are sometimes ways to speed them up. For example, compassionate allowances can push some Social Security benefit applications through faster.

Kabb Law evaluates cases to determine if there are any ways to speed up the application process.

Assistance with Decision Appeals

Sometimes, applications for these public benefits are denied.

Kabb Law helps our clients to appeal incorrect denials to help them get the benefits they need.

These appeals come with strict time limits and specific procedures that you must comply with so that your appeal isn’t denied based on technicalities. Our professionals understand that you rely on these benefits to make ends meet.

The Kabb Law Firm ensures that long-term care is paid for with both personal funds and government benefits so that the client doesn’t have to lose either. This requires a careful balance so you remain in compliance with the law.

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