Probate and Guardianship

When someone you care for is disabled or incapacitated, taking good care of them becomes your first priority. Looking after the people you love is a full-time job, but eventually, you might not be able to do it as well as you used to.

When a caregiver dies or becomes too ill to continue looking after disabled or incapacitated family members, it may be necessary to set up a guardianship arrangement to make sure there’s always somebody there who can look after the people who depend on you most for their basic care.

probate and guardianship

Guardianship of Incapacitated or Disabled Persons

Guardianship is an option of last resort for many families.

When a member of the family is injured, incapacitated or living with a disability that prevents them from taking care of themselves, somebody has to step in to make decisions and manage the person’s care.

If you are responsible for caring for a disabled adult, you know how much they depend on you. Setting up a guardianship arrangement ensures your loved one continues to have a decision maker and caregiver after you are no longer able to continue.

It is vitally important to set up a guardianship arrangement well before the need for it arises. Only by making plans in advance can you avoid the confusion and potential harm that comes from the uncertainty of a sudden loss of care for your disabled or incapacitated loved one.

Kabb Law, an elder law and care firm in Beachwood, OH, has experience setting up guardianship arrangements for families caring for disabled and incapacitated persons. We help clients account for all of the important details of their loved ones’ care, including how it should continue when the primary caregiver is absent for whatever reason.

Probate Law

Our team can also help you plan for your loved ones’ care through probate and estate legal matters.

Estate law can get tricky, and it takes experienced lawyers to help you understand all the important details you have to get right.

Our Life Care Plan guides you through the process of setting up a long-term care arrangement for your loved one, including the financial aspects of housing, health care and other necessities of caring for disabled and incapacitated persons.

Kabb Law helps you through the entire process, from the initial consultation about your living and care arrangements to drafting the legal documents to make sure your wishes are followed to the letter.

If necessary, we can also act as your loved one’s legal guardians, conservators, and trustees of an estate, or co-trustees with a trusted party you want to have a say in the process.

It’s never too early to set up a plan for guardianship of incapacitated or disabled persons under your care.

Call us or contact us today for a consultation about your needs, and find out what your options are for making sure your loved one is always taken care of.