What Is MyCare Ohio

Because there is almost no connection between Medicaid and Medicare, neither one can be held accountable for the complete care of an individual. What currently exists is a program that is both confusing and next to impossible to navigate. The programs that are suffering the most from this lack of coordination seem to be long-term care services and supports, behavioral health and physical health services.
This is the situation which created the need for ICDS – Integrated Care Delivery System.  MyCare Ohio is Ohio’s ICDS.   It is a group of five care plans selected to manage the full spectrum of Medicaid and Medicare benefits. The plans will be a single point of contact for all individuals enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare who receive both Medicare parts A, B, & D and full Medicaid benefits.
MyCare Ohio’s approach is centered on the individual and their specific needs. According to the Ohio Office of Medical Assistance, “It is a team approach that includes the individual, the individual’s family/caregiver, the MyCare Ohio plan care manager, the waiver service coordinator (if appropriate), the primary care provider, specialists, and other providers as applicable.”
The goals of MyCare Ohio are to contain costs while improving the individual’s health care quality and overall health and well-being. MyCare Ohio includes all the benefits offered through Medicaid and Medicare plus any additional services that they may choose to add to the benefits package such as face-to-face visits in the home and community.
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