Elder Care Solutions For The Sandwich Generation

sandwich generation

What and who is the Sandwich Generation?

The Sandwich Generation is a group of people mostly between the ages of 40 to 65, who are “sandwiched” between the obligations of bringing up their own children, owning a home, college expenses, health care expenses, a job, and caring for aging spouse or parents. Sometimes care is required for two sets of aging parents, making care even more difficult and time-consuming.

What are the problems?

They include stress from financial, legal, care, and family dynamics.

Pressure from the responsibility of providing for parents and loss of parent’s financial assistance or income loss in the case of a spouse.

The result for caregivers may be family arguments, relationship loss, loss of time from their own family or work, higher health costs for themselves from stress illnesses, and substance abuse. All of these problems hurt the quality of life for caregivers, their children, spouse, and their parents.

What are some solutions?

Open communication on health, aging, driving, finances, and what the long term wishes are for care, medical or otherwise, of the adult.

Get legal documents in place. Understand the public benefits you may be entitled to.

You can prevent caregiver burn out by finding solutions early and building a support network. If it is difficult for a child to have “the talk” with their elderly parents, seek out professional services to be a facilitator. Good planning will allow you to be free to manage the sandwich and possibly enjoy the process.

Seeking professional guidance allows someone else to navigate an increasing difficult system of care. This frees up the caregiver to stay the spouse or the child of the parents. Making it easier to continue to keep relationships intact and time left together special.

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