Exercise For The Elderly

Winter is coming and that means that many seniors will be confined indoors for the next few months. Without the ability to go for a walk, many people will add a few extra pounds during the cold months. Worse, their muscles can start to shrink – called atrophy – from lack of use. What can you do to keep fit and limber during these months? Here are a few suggestions for indoor exercises to get you through a long, cold winter!
Stretching is very important. You don’t want to jump right into the exercise without warming up your muscles because that’s what causes injuries. Activities like yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi can be extremely beneficial. Your local library should have videos or books on these exercises. Make sure you stretch! Your body will thank you after…
If you have any exercise equipment, it is time to use it. Take the hangers off of the treadmill and walk each day. Alternatively, you can also ride an exercise bike, or just walk around your home. The key is to get your heart rate up and get some cardiovascular exercise. If you have problems with mobility, there is a pedal exerciser that can be purchased with little expense.
Repetitive motion exercises will help to strengthen muscles. This can be done with light weights, resistance bands, or using walls, furniture, and even the floor to help you build your muscles. By doing one or two sets of 15 repetitions, three times a week, you can get the most out of this form of exercise. This will help prevent your loss of bone mass and increase balance.
These are all great suggestions, but if you have physical issues that prevent you from doing these exercises, don’t despair. Exercise is very important when your body is working against you. Talk to your doctor and get the proper instruction and guidance from a trained professional. Through exercise, you can lead a healthier and happier life.
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