Helping Elderly Parents Move

No one wants to think about having to move their aging parents from their home to another location. Not only is the change an emotional time for the homeowners, but this can be stressful for the children and family members who have only known this as home.
Owning a home, as many of you know, can be very stressful. Besides keeping up with repairs, there is yard work, cleaning, and traversing stairs. This may be too much for elderly parents and they may make the decision to move to a community that supports older adults. Illness may also be a reason for the move as additional help may be required.
While one parent may be ready to transition, sensitivity will still be needed with making this change. This is the home where memories have been made. Holidays, family dinners, and get-togethers happened under the family roof. Additionally, no one wants to be told that they must make a move. It is important that time be given to help all of those involved come to terms with the change.
It is important to note that the parents are not the only ones who have to deal with stress. As the children, they want only what is best for their parents. Children should seek their parents’ opinion in the decision to find a facility that meets their needs as they age and will keep them happy at the same time. Make sure that they help in the decision making without overwhelming them.
You want to make sure that the parents:
  • Like the look of the facility
  • Have activities to participate in
  • Have friendly members of the community
  • Have services to accommodate their lifestyles
  • Have access to transportation
  • Will be in a safe environment
Other than these points, ask your parents what they feel is important and try to accommodate them.
You also need to make sure that your parents have the financial means to live in the facility of their choice. Do they have a financial manager? Have they saved enough for the location and is there a safety net?
When the move finally comes, you will find that the greatest emotional struggle will occur. This is when you have to stay positive for your parents and be supportive of their choice. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the whole transition easier for all involved.
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