How to Obtain VA Benefits

VA benefits

I frequently see veterans who have returned from tours of duty with a variety of medical and emotional issues that interfere with their ability to enjoy a productive and happy life.  Entitlement to financial help from the Veterans Benefits Administration can be difficult to establish without legal assistance.  The process can take years, with multiple appeals.  Common issues include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Gulf War illnesses, and a host of chronic diseases from the use of herbicides such as Agent Orange in Vietnam and Korea.

The process for obtaining service-connected compensation is complex.  Some chronic diseases are easier to connect.  The VA will concede exposure to battle stress and Agent Orange in Vietnam.  They will also concede a connection to certain diseases, such as ischemic heart disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer.  I have seen cases of biliary tree cancer from the ingestion of parasites in the food and water in South East Asia.  There are similar cases of cancer from dioxin, a toxic chemical found as a contaminant in herbicides.  Claims for compensation, often on behalf of survivors, are complex and difficult but can be won with proper advocacy and documentation.

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Ken Kabb is a Veteran’s Attorney Advocate with the Kabb Law Firm in Beachwood, Ohio