Identifying The Certified Elder Law Attorney

Are you familiar what a Certified Elder Law Attorney actually is?

There is a good chance you’ve never even heard of one of these. It’s a rather new field of practice. The specialty only came into being in 1988 when the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) was created to help attorneys identify specific needs of our aging population. Not every lawyer is qualified to do this.

This is a type of attorney that concentrates their skills toward a specific group of our society. Like many law specialties, a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) is a type of lawyer that focuses on the special needs of the elderly and disabled. Attorneys who specialize in this field go through extra training and a rigorous series of tests. Only about 60% of the lawyers pass the certification, which must be renewed every five years. They must also submit to a peer review. The result is a person who is highly specialized in helping with the needs of your loved ones.

So, under what circumstances would you seek out the help of a Certified Elder Law Attorney? Their areas of expertise are:

Estate Planning
Wills and Living Wills
Trusts and Funds
Special Needs Planning for Disabled Children
Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives
Retirement Planning
Veterans Pension Benefits
Protection of the Rights in Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities
Protection of Assets from Taxes, Inheritance and Nursing Home Costs

As you can see, these are all very important issues to ourselves and our parents or loved ones. Finding an attorney that keeps current with the ever-changing laws in this area is what is best for the people who sometimes cannot choose for themselves. The Kabb Law Firm specializes in Elder Care and can help you to make the best choices for your loved ones.

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