June is National Safety Month: Take Preventative Measures to Keep Safe

national safety month

National Safety Month is here and we encourage organizations to be involved in influencing others to learn about preventable injuries and situations. We should all feel a sense of responsibility to ourselves, and those around us, to create a culture that makes everyone safer.

The elderly often find themselves more prone to injuries due to bone loss, fragility, falls, and osteoporosis. It is our duty to make sure we educate others on measures they can take to ensure safety and prevent avoidable injuries.

Indoor injuries are common for the elderly, especially in assisted living facilities. However, most assisted living communities have ramps, safer flooring options, handrails, and other precautions, but seniors must also be reminded to take care of themselves. In order to prevent fall injuries, keeping rooms free of clutter and mess, is a great way to set the tone. Walkways should always be free of cords, floors should never be too slippery, and stairwells need to stay properly lit at all times. We encourage seniors to carry a phone with them all of the time in case of an emergency and to always use some type of shower chair or rail, along with rubber matting, in tubs.

Outdoor falls can be prevented with the consistent use of a cane or walker, using a backpack to keep hands free for support, and looking very carefully at all surfaces when walking. Being alert and having a safe home is important, but it’s equally important to stay healthy and exercise regularly, whether that be taking a short walk or a water aerobics class. This can help seniors stay as strong and alert as possible and can help to maintain a consistent schedule with the doctor and medications (if necessary).

The theme for National Safety Month this year is “Keep Each Other Safe.” That said, fighting for healthcare services this year, like MARS (Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services), can also allow for our seniors to not have restrictions on therapy regardless of their medical history. We need to find ways to support seniors every step of the way in every situation, not just within a facility or while aging in place.

This month, like every month, we encourage you to do your best to take notice of the situations around you that could potentially cause harm to our elders (and others). Be observant and notice the small details.

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