Reflections of a Law Firm ElderCare Coordinator

Law Firm ElderCare Coordinator

The Added Value of a Law Firm ElderCare Coordinator

Why have a social worker and an ElderCare Coordinator at an Elder Care Law Firm? 

There is a value to that extra component which can add another layer of compassion and care to those seeking to make decisions for their loved ones, for families are fraught with hardships in this manner. 

From the starting thoughts of what’s best for my husband, wife, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters, the situation can be extremely tenuous.  

Those not experts in elder care can struggle, for not everyone speaks the language needed to navigate this overcomplicated system.  

Not everyone knows how to avoid all the hidden pitfalls to be able to achieve the best results for those they love.  

Being immersed in the world of eldercare, from an outside perspective, it can be overwhelming, even unamenable at points for families.  There are so many decisions, so many mitigating circumstances that go into planning care, and everyone wants what’s best for their loved one.

Professional Specialists who Care

These are the things I have witnessed here at Kabb Law. 

People that are dedicated to the families’ goals. Specialists that expertly navigate the system to achieve positive outcomes for those in need of care. Caring individuals that will listen to family’s issues, visit those in care to see how they are doing. People who compassionately stand behind a family to make sure everyone is satisfied within this transitional process. 

A Law Firm Elder Care Coordinator can be the difference between great & exceptional care. 

As a law firm Elder Care Coordinator, my position is as the title suggests, one of care

My entire job is surrounded by the needs of the family. If there are issues that need addressing, my department is put into action. 

The great social worker that has been mentoring me is always impressive.

I have witnessed her handling very sensitive issues with tact and grace, with expertise and insight, and with what I think matters most in these situations, genuine concern for the client. 

This, I believe, is the added component of my position and those with whom I work.

Professional Excellence of Behalf of Our Clients

These are the things I genuinely believe that the Kabb Law Firm can bring to others. I am seeing the excellent work that happens on behalf of clients. 

Even within the short amount of time I have been here, I have seen multiple examples of people working there hardest for their clients, always maintaining the utmost professionalism, balanced with compassion.  Questions are answered, families are cared for, and we look out for loved ones. Within such a dynamic, all needs are attended to. 

Since I started, I have visited many clients’ at all different locations.  Checking in to see how everyone is doing, addressing any issues and concerns they might have, even just stopping by to chat at times.  I have met so many wonderful people, having great conversations. I have heard stories from the past, looked at family photos, and talked in-depth about the essentials of life. 

This is such a significant aspect of my job, and I genuinely believe this is why it is so important to have that extra component.

Having that added layer of care that can be the difference between great and exceptional care. 

That is what I have witnessed here at The Kabb Law Firm, and what I am glad that I can be a part of this firm.

If you want that added level of care for you and your elderly loved ones, The Kabb Law Firm is here help! Call us or contact us to schedule a free consultation today!