Snowbirds Fly Home

As the weather turns warmer in Northeast Ohio, the flowers will begin to bloom, winter will fade away into Spring, and it will be time for the “Snowbirds” – seniors who spend their winters in warmer climates – to return home. Late March and April are ideal times for this migration to begin in Ohio.

According to the University of Florida, Ohio boasts the third largest migration of snowbirds to Florida in the nation with over 800,000 travelers spending at least one month in the Sunshine State.

During the return to Ohio, many of the snowbirds will be making the two-day journey by car back to their homes. This long drive will cause congestion on the highways and may be dangerous for our elderly loved ones as they make this trek on their own.

To avoid the hassle of making a two day drive, there are a few options that one might consider. The first, and obvious solution is not to have your vehicle at your winter home. Fly down to the warmer climates and then fly back. This is probably the least ideal solution because it limits freedom during the vacation and can be costly with rental costs.

Another method of getting to and from Florida is to have a family member drive the snowbirds down to their winter homes and then fly back. When the time comes for them to return, the family member flies back and drives home using their vehicle. The problem here is to find a family member who has ample time to take off from work and family to make this journey.

Lastly, probably the safest and most efficient method of getting down to the winter haven and still having the freedom to drive around while you are there is to hire an auto transport company. The snowbird hires one of these services – that can be found in Cleveland and surrounding areas – and makes a short flight to and from their destination. The advantages for doing this are easy to see:

Saving Time: Instead of driving twenty or more hours each direction, you are enjoying the sun within 4 hours.

Saving Money: While the thought of shipping your car to your destination may seem like an unnecessary cost, consider the additional cost of the hotel room, the wear and tear on the car, and the amount of gasoline you have to use to drive 1200 miles or more.

Safety: It is safer to fly than it is to drive.

If you have any questions about transportation to and from your winter home or would like to find out more about the return back to Ohio, contact Kabb Law at 216.991.KABB (5222).