Stamp Your Passport With Ohio’s Medicaid Program!

Are you familiar with Ohio’s PASSPORT program? It won’t help you travel overseas, but, if you are a Medicaid-eligible senior, it can help you to get the medical care you need, while still living in your home.
Most elderly people want to remain as independent as possible for as long as they can. With Ohio’s PASSPORT program, they can remain with their friends and family and still get the critical care that they require. Applying for the program is a simple, two-step process.
The first of these is a pre-admission screening which is done over the telephone. Interested applicants are tested to ensure they meet the preliminary Medicaid eligibility and medical needs. During this time, they will also be given information about what is available to them and they may ask questions about the program.
If it is determined that the person qualifies for the PASSPORT program, they will be assigned a case worker to come up with a package that will be provided in their home with local service providers. This case worker will be in charge of monitoring the quality of care and will make appropriate changes as needed.
To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Age 60 or older.
  • Be eligible for Medicaid in the state of Ohio (check the state Medicaid requirements for exact details).
  • Physically require the need for a nursing home facility, but able to remain safely at home. This requires the consent of a physician.
  • Additionally, the cost of PASSPORT care cannot exceed 60 percent of the cost of nursing home care.
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