Technology Tools For The Not So Tech Savvy Seniors

By Bethany Stickradt
Associate Attorney
Kabb Law Firm

In the 21st Century it seems like everyone is connected to an electronic device.  These electronic devices can be more work than what they are worth for some seniors.  Here are some popular websites and smart phone applications that can be useful for the elder loved one in your life.

Taxi Services – Need to find a ride?
UBER is a ride sharing service, also known as a taxi service, that can be used in Northeast Ohio on most smart phones.  UBER is a ride service that can be useful for those who do not require the assistance of a wheelchair and are comfortable traveling in the community.  Customers simply select the location where they need to be picked up and a driver will arrive within minutes.  Family caregivers have the ability to set the location where their elder loved one may need a ride from, allowing for a seamless pick up.  UBER screens the drivers with background checks before they are permitted to drive.  Absolutely no money changes hands because the driver is paid through the phone application!

Food Delivery Applications and Websites is a website that allows its customers to select food from area restaurants in Northeast Ohio that would otherwise typically not deliver food.  The various options include local favorites like Corky and Lenny’s to Yours Truly.  Customers will find an assortment of different establishments that could satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Presto Fresh Grocery Delivery brings the grocery store right to your doorstep! Presto Fresh partners with Zagara’s Marketplace in Cleveland Heights to find the freshest food and highest quality of products. Customers log on to their website and place their order.  Anything you can get at the traditional grocery store, you can get from Presto Fresh.  After you have found everything on your grocery list, simply enter your payment information on their secure website and select your delivery.  Customers have the option to join Presto Premier and get free delivery every time they order!

Health and Wellness
MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder is an application that can be downloaded on an Android or Apple device.  MediSafe is a mobile medication management platform.  It allows for patients to manage their medications, set refill reminders, add physicians and descriptions for each specific prescription, and more.  There is even a feature that allows the application to send notifications to your smart watch! Better yet, the creators of Medisafe promote the application as a way to ensure that family members can help their loved ones with the medication management.