Ten Tips For A Safe Holiday

Are you planning on having elderly guests over for the holidays? There are some easy precautions to prepare your home as a safe environment. Following these tips, you can make your home injury-free and safe when your parents, in-laws or grandparents are helping you celebrate a festive season.
Most of the following list is just good, common sense. While the holidays should be a sense of joy, a trip to the hospital will certainly ruin the fun for everyone involved. Many of the items work just as well with children and pets. Keep in mind: Safety first!
1. All handrails should be secure on both sides of staircases and entryways.
2. Your bathrooms should have non-slip mats on the floor.
3. If you have any throw rugs on the floor, these should be taped or tacked down in a way that they will not come up and trip anyone.
4. Clear clutter from the walkways to avoid stumbling.
5. Have important emergency numbers near the telephone.
6. Serve your holiday meal on the table. You do not want to have foods warming on a hot stove where a guest could accidentally burn themselves.
7. Have the gathering all on one floor, if possible.
8. Depending on your location, make sure that all walkways are completely free of snow and that you have some sort of de-icer to avoid spills. This will also help to keep snow off the walkway should the weather turn during your party.
9. If unwrapping presents, make sure that discarded wrapping paper and boxes are not left on the floor or near open flames.
10. Keep an eye on your elderly relatives throughout the evening. Holiday meals tend to be loaded with sugar and carbohydrates which may affect insulin levels and other medical conditions.
Have a safe and joyous holiday season! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write us or call Kabb Law at 216.991.KABB (5222).