When Is A Nursing Home The Best Choice?

It’s a decision we never want to have to make for our loved ones: Choosing a nursing home for them when they are no longer able to care for themselves. But when is the right time? Emotionally, that time may be never, but you may have to consider what is best for the senior person involved.
When evaluating a senior person, it’s important to look at the ADL list because it will highlight situations when nursing home care could be required:
• No longer able to use the telephone.
• Unable to leave the home to shop without assistance or even shop at all.
• Cannot maintain an adequate diet and must have meals prepared and served for them.
• Cannot participate in menial housekeeping activities.
• Needs laundry and other cleaning needs done by others.
• Unable to transport themselves or get into a vehicle without assistance.
• Unable or capable of dispensing own medication.
• Incapable of handling money or making day-to-day purchases.
Sometimes, the senior is capable of doing some of the things on this list, but not others due to the design of their home or physical capabilities. For example, they may be able to answer the phone without problems, cook, clean, dispense their medications and handle money, but, due to the inability to climb stairs, they are unable to do laundry or drive a vehicle. In cases like these, a home health care provider may be the optimal choice.
There just has to be a logical stance in the decision of care, because that is what is most important. Your feelings cannot determine your actions when it comes to a loved one’s well-being.
In times like these you should speak to a person who has experience in this sort of decision making. If you are at a crossroads and can’t determine a course of action for your loved one, contact Kabb Law at 216.991.KABB (5222) and let us help you evaluate the situation and help you make the right decision.