When Your Loved One Needs Your Help

It is hard to come to the realization that our parents are growing older.  We see them in the strong, supportive roles of our youth and try to block out that they may not be living the same quality of life that we remember.  But how do you know what to look for?  What are the warning signs that our parents might be in need of some help?

One of the first warning signs to look for with the elderly is the condition of their residence.  A once neat home is becoming cluttered and there is a lack of maintenance and home repairs.  Maybe the lawn isn’t being taken care of and the trash is piling up.  Will you recognize this as a warning sign?

Other signs of a loved one needing help are if you see them behaving abnormally.  Have they forgotten to tuck their shirt in their pants?  Are they outdoors on a cold day without the proper weather clothing?  Maybe they have forgotten to change their clothes all together!

No one wants to make the decision that a parent or elderly relative needs assistance, but you might have to be the one who has to step up.  If they are unable to take care of themselves, then you have to make a decision.

Many times, the person you are deciding for is still of sound mind.  They may refuse or find it alarming that you want to put them in a nursing facility.  You may paralyzed by your own fears of making such a life-altering decision.  Sometimes, it is the only option you have and your loved one needs to be told that all other options have been exhausted.

When you have decided that your loved one will be going to a nursing facility, it is time to speak with your siblings, find a suitable location that allows for visitation and has quality care.  This will make the transition to the new living arrangements as painless as possible.