Where There is a Will There is a Way

Last Will And Testament

When is the last time you updated your Will? Do you have a Will? If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve probably thought about it but haven’t quite yet followed through on those plans. Sound about right?

Many times people will begin the process of selecting and choosing how they will carry out their wishes. They usually have intentions to follow through with their plan, sign on the dotted line, and bring home a copy of their document to be hidden in a safe place…just in case. However, most people start and end up not finishing the process. There are a handful of reasons as to why we don’t always finish what we start, beginning with how we got to our decision in the first place. When we start something brand new, the brain releases chemicals called dopamine. These are the same feel-good hormones that are released when you’re eating chocolate. According to experts, the reason starting something new releases this hormone is due to Prehistoric times when survival was dependent on being alert to new things like predators. Due to this environment, short-lived experiences gave them a shot of excitement, or dopamine, to let them know they were on the right track.

Unfortunately, this is one of the major reasons we have so much trouble sticking to personal development. Creating a Will is personal and it’s often difficult to make so many potentially life-altering decisions. That being said, the other reason we don’t follow through is purely out of fear. We think that maybe, by writing it all down, executing orders to Joe to take care of the life insurance & Bob to handle the children, is all a little too real – a little too concrete and final and we don’t want to think about final. It’s scary and it causes us to ignore things, put them on the back burner and say we will handle them later. Whether we do or don’t is unknown, but it’s not the way to handle the future of your kids, spouse, or grandchildren.

We, at the Kabb Law Firm, understand the severity of what you are about to do – to create – and we want to help guide you through it as painlessly as possible. Preparation is key when talking about your finances, medical bills, property, vacation homes, assets, and valuables. You worked too hard to create the life you have to just leave your belongings up to chance. Call us at 216-991-KABB and let us help you and your loved ones through this process. We promise it will make you feel better once it’s complete and set aside for the future.