Service-Connected Disability Compensation for Veterans

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Injuries and Conditions Related to Military Service

Getting disability compensation for veterans can be challenging, but veterans who served this country without concern for their own safety shouldn’t be left on their own when they need medical care and other benefits due to injuries and illnesses suffered during their time in the military. Unfortunately, you might have to fight for the benefits that are due to you when you suffer a service-connected injury.

Disability Compensation for Veterans

When a veteran has a disability related to their time in the service, the Veterans’ Administration reviews their case and assigns them a disability percentage. This is used to determine what benefits if any, the person receives. If you have a disability rating of 100 percent, which is fully disabled, you should receive full benefits.

Another factor that impacts the payments is the number of dependents you have. When you apply for disability due to active duty issues, make sure you provide fully accurate information on the forms. This can make a big difference in what you receive.

You must also have been discharged for reasons other than those that are considered dishonorable. It might be possible for some veterans who have an “other than honorable” discharge to receive benefits, but these cases are looked at individually. Even if you aren’t approved on the initial decision, you do have options to explore.

Appeals for Incorrect Benefits

Once you apply for disability compensation for veterans, you will have to wait for a decision on your case. If you don’t feel that you are getting what you should, you have the option of appealing. This is time-sensitive and must be handled in a specific manner.

If you are disabled or need benefits for a service-related disability, contact us to learn about what you should do.

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