Alternative Medicine and the Elderly

We often hear about people using alternative medicine to take care of their illnesses. Another term for “alternative medicine” is “home remedies”. You can find books being sold on television telling you about the “secrets of alternative medicine”. But do home remedies hold true in their healing capabilities? The answers may surprise you.
With our growing population and the high cost of medications, people have turned to home remedies and alternative medicine to help defray the cost of prescriptions. The belief is that many prescriptions use the same ingredients that can be found in nature, yet are vastly overcharged.
This is absolutely true.
However, before you go and start throwing out your blood pressure medication and insulin, you should know that prescription medication has some serious benefits that cannot be found with alternative medicine.  The most important of these benefits is regulation.
Prescriptions have been tested and measured precisely for the amount of medication that you need to receive. This is not the case with alternative medicines. The doses can differ and there is no way of knowing if you are getting enough of the drug or overdoing it. What’s more, many of these home remedies do not have the potency that you may require to keep a healthy lifestyle.
On the other hand, alternative medicine does not always deal with drugs. It can also include: massage therapy, chiropractics, and acupuncture. These ways of dealing with pain and health care have been proven to work. Additionally, there is the area of naturopathic treatments that use holistic diets and nature to cure illness. This can be the use of sunshine, air, and water to help a person. It also includes eating certain types of food and combinations of foods in your diet.
Do these methods work? Some people swear by them, while the medical community looks down upon such practices. In serious cases, such as: cancer, heart disease or chronic pain, you may want to get a second opinion.
Always consult a physician before beginning an alternative medicine program. If you have any questions regarding home remedies or alternative healing, please feel free to contact Kabb Law at (216) 991-KABB (5222).