Vendor Spotlight: DOCUBANK

What Is DocuBank?
It’s something that makes many off us hesitate. No one wants to think about the end of their life. It is something that happens to all of us, yet we need to discuss this topic while we are mentally capable and aware of what we want to happen to us. Oftentimes, there are arguments between family members who are unwilling to follow a loved one’s final directives.
This is where DocuBank comes into play.
DocuBank is a system that provides access to everything you need in case of an emergency. When time is imperative, medical professionals need to know important details about your well being. This is where DocuBank steps in.
You are issued a card that you keep on your person. This card contains all vital information, such as health care power of attorney, medications, and your living will encoded into it. If an emergency situation arises, the hospital can contact the DocuBank number on the card to make sure you are getting the advanced directives that you have requested.
The information can be accessed in one of two ways. First, there is theCall. By dialing 1-800-DOCUBANK, hospitals can have your information faxed to them safe and secure. The second way is by Computer. By connecting to DocuBank, a hospital has access to your documents so they can print them out for a doctor.
The benefits to DocuBank are simple:
  • It gives doctors access to your wishes.
  • Your medical information is available even if you are incapacitated.
  • The information is stored safely on the DocuBank servers and only those you wish to have access to your medical information can see it.
  • If you should pass, DocuBank will transfer information over to a Digital Executor of your choosing.
The entire system is safe, simple, and guaranteed to protect your privacy.
If you have any questions about DocuBank, you can go to their web site at or contact the Kabb Law office at 216.991.KABB (5222).