Helping Dementia Patients Through Memory Training

It is a hard thing to do, but sometimes we have to come to the realization that our loved ones or parents have dementia. It is at this time that some important decisions have to be made. Are you prepared to step up and take care of this person? Luckily, there are some specialized memory programs that can be taken to aid you and your loved one at this time in their life.

One of the programs we recommend is the Homewatch Caregivers Pathways to Memory. They focus on helping your loved one and your family through this difficult time by personalizing the experience with a three-part program.

Specialized Dementia Care
The first part is to provide the patient with the personal care they need for living with a memory impairment. Your parent or loved may need to re-learn how to care for themselves through the Active Daily Living guidelines (link) or require more personalized care.

Helping the Family Cope
While your loved one is the person losing their memory, the stress of seeing them in this condition will be stressful to the entire family. Coping with memory loss or dementia requires peace and quality of life for everyone.

Focused Memory Training
It is important that the patient exercise their minds and a program such as this helps to focus that exercise based on six key areas of the memory. Based on a twelve week course, the patient is challenged to build their memory skills while the program gives them positive reinforcement and a sense of purpose.

By being consistent, your loved one will build a relationship to their caregiver, while you will have the peace of mind knowing that they are entrusted with someone who is trained and truly looks after their best intentions. If you go to the Homewatch Caregivers web site, you can download a free Guide to Living With Dementia.