New Health Care Reform and You

With all of the arguing going on in Washington, it may be hard to understand all of the health care changes that are or will be happening and how they will affect seniors.  A lot of the changes have already occurred and more are on the way.  Will this be a benefit or have bad effects?  It is nearly impossible to say if you are flipping through the television channels.  However, there are resources online that can be of assistance.  Many of these can be found on the web site: .  This is a good resource for you to find out what is happening in health care reform and the time line in which the changes are going to be made.

Some of the changes affecting seniors are already in place, with more to come over the next three years.  Of the ones that have already occurred you will find:

Prescription Drug Discounts: Seniors who reach the coverage gap will receive a 50 percent discount when buying Medicare Part D covered brand-name prescription drugs.

Free Preventative Care for Seniors: This law provides certain free preventative services (such as annual welfare visits and prevention plans for seniors on Medicare.

Post-Hospital Care Program: This helps seniors avoid making unnecessary trips back to the hospital by setting up services through care units and community groups to help them adjust to life in their homes while recovering.

Community First Choice Option: This went into effect October 1 and allows states to offer an option between Medicare services that can be given at home instead of in a nursing home.

These four programs are already in effect and you should inquire if they are available to you.  In the next three years, more and more options will become available through Health Care reform.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to inquire with this office or on the web at