Home Health Care Protection

If you have elderly parents or a loved one who needs home health care, you know that the expense of this can be overwhelming. Depending upon the needs of the person requiring the home health care, you may have to consider the length of time required, if room and board is also necessary, or the skill level of the caregiver. Because of this, many people try to avoid the high expense by hiring people through want ads, Craigslist, or friends of friends.
This could be inviting problems which you may not have considered.
While you will be saving money in the short-term, what are the ramifications should something happen? Are you prepared to pay employment taxes or worker’s compensation to the caregiver should they become injured? What do you do in the case you have to terminate their employment?
These are all questions that lie outside of the consideration when hiring someone outside of the well-being of the loved one. These are problems that can also be avoided if you take the appropriate steps ahead of time.
The reason the cost for home health care services is so expensive through an agency is because they deal with administrative issues. They take out the appropriate taxes. They pay unemployment benefits and social security. More importantly, it is their job to ensure that their health care providers have background checks run on them so you can have the peace of mind they are not stealing from your loved ones.
Sure, going through an agency is going to cost you a lot more than finding someone through the internet. But will those added expenses cover the amount you may have to pay if the home caregiver sues you if they hurt their back by falling in your loved one’s home?
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