Home Modifications For Senior Safety

Senior home modifications can improve elder living, but most seniors lose the ability to stay in their homes, due to safety concerns. Whether there are concerns due to cooking, slips and falls or safety to intruders, all of these issues can be resolved with simple home modifications. Change is an important and relevant part to this solution, so initially all of these changes may take some getting used to from seniors and their children. But with care and resolve, senior home modifications can improve senior living, and create an independent life with safety.
Senior Home Modifications that Improve Safety In The Bathroom
The most important safety feature in any quest for independent senior living starts in the bathroom. Most slip and fall events occur in the bathroom, and it is very important that a few changes be added to the tub and shower areas of the bath.
• Add Handrails to and around the bathroom walls
• Install a shower seat for showering in a chair
• Install a hand held shower head to the bath
• A walk-in shower stall is best to avoid stepping over any bathtub area
• Slip resistant mats must be installed in the shower stall
• Remove all bath rugs and keep towels in another part of the home – towel racks must be converted to handrails
• Buy only oil free soaps, shampoos and conditioners to keep the shower slip free.
• Add a vanity or grooming desk to another part of the home, near the bath to allow for seated grooming away from slippery areas
• Install a raised toilet seat to any low toilets to remove risky falls each time the toilet is used.
• Remove any clutter from around toilets and showers to avoid falls.
Be sure to install these items to your home with help from a qualified bathroom fixture installer, as it is important when the rail is grasped, that it actually stays in place.
Senior Home Modifications Call for Services
When independence is part of the objective, most seniors will have to recognize that they will require some help. The most important upgrades that they can make in terms of simple changes, is often a change to their way of life, but it is a change that will continue to provide independence. In this regard, adding services to any senior’s life is a great way to continue to live at home!
• Hire a lawn care service for any maintenance and snow removal
• Upgrade your senior’s mobile plan and phone to add use of healthcare apps and schedulers
• Add a life alert service to your senior’s communication system
• Hire a home care attendant to check on your senior each day
• Setup grocery delivery each day via a local online grocery store
• Setup prescription delivery service each day
• Add a handyman service to arrive each week to fix broken light bulbs, appliances and other items
• Launder with a service to provide good support with everyday laundry needs
Senior Home Modifications for Independent Living

Build a new way of thinking to empower yourself or your senior to continue to live at home. Even though changes will have to be made, it is not enough to simply talk about the changes. One mat or loose rug that is on the floor can be enough to cause a fall that leads to hospital time and resulting in hospice care. To avoid a dependent life, allow others to help by being open minded about removing loved items that clutter a home, or rugs that have been cherished. The result of embracing changes will allow you to remain in your home an independent elder with so much wisdom to offer.