What You Need To Know About Health Care Reform

What does the health care reform act mean for seniors? Often there is much political substance tied to this topic, but mostly it means that your medicare and medicaid features will be very much available to you. As a senior, health care is very important. Learning what changes are to come in 2014, are important too.
Health Care Reform Importance
Without reform, the medicare you know and love will dissolve as soon as 2023 or 2024. With the affordable health care act, the dissolution of medicare is not going to occur. The plan that is in place, will build more affordability into the system, where hospitals and doctors who do provide good care, will still receive good coverage and medicare reimbursement. Those who do not, will not. They still will not be able to pass these payments on to you, the patient, so they will have to absorb the costs if they do not receive good health care ratings. This makes the health care we do pay for better, and less expensive.
Under the medicare part of the affordability health care act, there will be no change to your ability to choose your doctor. You still will be able to research and question friends and family about clinicians and doctors and go to the doctor of your choice. The change of affordability will reside with the hospitals and clinics, not with the patient population. Your medicare healthcare coverage will not be taken away from you.
Medicines and Health care reform
If you take medicine that is not a part of the medicare program, you had to pay for it. These medicines are part of the donut hole, and could be covered by another prescription health care plan. With affordability coverage options being instituted at hospitals and clinics, the lapse in coverage will change. These donut hole medicines will be covered by 2020. The extra money we save by ensuring good healthcare policies at hospitals, will save the government enough money to pay for all donut hole medicines. Great news for all seniors, as it is part of good health.
Wellness and Health care reform

All preventative health care will be paid by medicare. Being a proactive patient, researching affordable and good health care options will be your responsibility. As a patient, you will need to go to good doctors, good hospitals, and take good care of yourself. The affordable health care reform act is about saving money, but it is also about making you happy and healthy. Looking forward, there is nothing to fear, and it is a great change for the days ahead!