Tips on Choosing The Right Care Facility

You’ve made up your mind to transfer yourself or a loved one to an elder care facility. This is a very important decision and one that should not be chosen lightly. In fact, one could argue that it is one of the most vital decisions one can make in their lives, so you do not want to choose a location that will not suit the person being cared for.  You want to ensure that the fit is good and that you don’t rush into anything you might regret later. The following are a series of tips we recommend when choosing the best care facility for you or a loved one.
Shop Around
You likely wouldn’t purchase the first home that a realtor showed you and you should never agree to the first care facility that is available. Shop around. Go to several senior assisted living communities and see what benefits they have to offer. It might surprise you to find that they are not all the same and that price should not be your determining factor.
This should be one of your major priorities. When people get older, they become more susceptible to germs and diseases that a younger, healthier person could just shrug off. You want to ensure that the facility places a high priority on how clean it keeps the residence. Strong odors might indicate a recent circumstance, but a general “foul smell” might be a warning sign of a larger issue. Keep an eye and your nose out for these factors.
Location. Location. Location.
Just as location is important in real estate, location is also important when choosing the right care facility. You want to pick an assisted living community that is agreeable to everyone involved. Studies show that the more a person has their loved ones around them, the easier it is to adjust to living in a senior facility. If they never have visitors, depression can set in and cause stress in your loved one’s life. On the other hand, you may find a facility that you or your loved one prefers based on current residents that are friends that your loved one can associate with.
Sample Life In The Facility
When you are touring a senior facility, the person selling the property will be showing you the features and benefits of living at the location. While they may inform you on items you did not know, it is more important that everyone involved sample what life is like in such a community. Enjoy an activity and see how they entertain the residents, sit down and have a meal in the dining room, walk around the outdoors and find out what type of transportation – if any – is available to get a loved one to doctor’s appointments or to local shopping centers. It is important that these leisure activities make the transition as easy as possible from living at home to being a part of an elder care community.
Speak With Others
Another important tip while you are visiting an assisted living facility is to witness staff in action. Are they friendly or quiet? Do they smile? If you get a chance, talk to another resident and see how they feel about living there. People love to talk if you are willing to ask them questions about themselves. Imagine if you were the one going there to live. Would you find the personnel amicable? Ask important questions about security on the facility grounds, personal care of the patients, and the rules of living in the community.
Trust Your Gut
Above all else, trust your instincts. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t.  If the experience feels right to you, then you are probably all right. Most importantly, never place a loved one in a community where you could not see yourself.
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