Having a Conversation With Your Doctor

Have you ever gone to the doctor and found yourself at a loss for words? The meeting can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable. However, the importance of a working conversation with your doctor can be vital to your health. The following is a look at working towards having a quality conversation with your physician to ensure that you get the care that you need.
Taking an active part in your health care management is very important. It helps your physician to understand what is bothering you and how to address your health goals. Many times, though, a patient will enter the physician’s office and forget to mention something that could be vital or assume the answer to their problems.
Write down what ails you.
Having a list of talking points is a good start to the patient-doctor conversation. Since both of you are on a schedule, having a list of problems you are having can be a life saver – literally! It also helps with older patients who can sometimes forget items they want to bring up with their physician. If all else fails, write it down and hand your concerns to your doctor.
Bring a relative or buddy with you.
This works especially well if you have problems remembering things. Medications change, doses increase and decrease, and there may be specific requirements that you may have with different medicines. Having an extra set of ears to back you up will help to keep the two-way conversation going with your doctor.
Communicating after your appointment.
Computers are a wonderful thing. Many doctors or hospitals have a patient-doctor web site that will allow you to sign up and reorder prescriptions, send a message to your doctor, or view test results.
Speak with your doctor about what concerns you. The doctor is a real, living, breathing human being. The doctor is concerned about your health, but s/he cannot read your mind. Talk to him/her. Question things you don’t understand and follow their advice.
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