4 Ways to Enjoy Life After Retirement

Enjoy Life After Retirement

What Does Retirement Mean?

First of all, retirement is not a time to sit around, sleep late, and do nothing at all. Instead, retirement is a time for looking ahead, pursuing new interests, and reinventing yourselves.
Unfortunately, one of the studies on retirement found that about 9% of retirees experience a decline in mental health within six years of their retirement. Some of these retirees are suffering stress and various health issues because they suddenly feel disconnected form others.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you!

We, at Kabb Law, want your retirement to be some of the best years of your life.
So, we have put together specific steps  to take to make sure that your life after retirement is a time of happiness and fulfillment.

4 Tips to Ensure a Happy Retirement

Get rid of the clutter

When you’ve reached the age of retirement, you’ve also reached the stage of having lots of “stuff”. It’s time to get rid of all that “stuff” except for the things that have sentimental value. Donate everything else. You will find that downsizing is very freeing and results in less home maintenance which frees up your time for more fun.

Go back to the future

Remember the things that gave you the most joy in the past. Try to rekindle those passions or try something new that you’ve always have thought about like gardening, Mahjongg, painting, or playing the piano.

Most importantly, take baby steps. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Connect with others

Anything new that you are going to endeavor will be more fun if you are doing it with someone else.
When you share your time and experience with another person it fosters a renewed sense of self.
We suggest joining a club, taking a community class, or attending a lecture.
Professionals have found that socialization improves well-being in senior citizens.

We’ve previously discussed the importance and benefits of socializing for seniors,
Here are some other ideas for social activities:

Volunteering with a nonprofit. Now is the time to focus on giving back. Volunteering for a nonprofit organization will provide meaningful activities and will keep you connected to your community.

Attending local events. Keep your eye open for businesses that have special senior times when they give discounts and other perks to retirees. By attending these activities you’ll get great deals and will connect with other retirees.

Try some brain training games. They have been proven to keep your mind sharp as you age. “A sharp mind enables you to stay more active and increases your chances of maintaining a purposeful lifestyle after retirement. Brain training can also help you maintain your memory and improve your immune system.”

Focus on your health by being physically active and maintaining a healthy diet. Try learning a new sport. Many retirees like playing golf at this time in their lives. Also popular are walking clubs, Pilates, and joining a gum that offers fitness classes for seniors.

Move to a retirement community. Many of the new retirees have found increased mental and physical health by moving to an independent retirement community. Here, you can maintain a private lifestyle but can also include social activities, transportation assistance, nutrition counseling, and fitness monitoring.

Piggy Bank, Savings, Coins, Cash

Financial considerations

Don’t forget to keep your finances in mind. A financial advisor can help you budget your finances and ensure you’re living within your means. Even retirees on limited funds can enjoy themselves without worrying about their livelihood or bills.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about how to start this brand new retirement journey, we’d love to help. Call our social worker at Kabb Law: 216-991-5222.