Celebrating May as National Elder Law Month

Celebrate National Elder Law Month

May is a month of many commemorations.
May begins with May Day on the first of May – an ancient festival that commemorated the first day of summer. Then we go on to the celebration of Mother’s Day, the Kentucky Derby, National Strawberry Month, Cinco de Mao, and Memorial Day.
But, in 1963, President Kennedy declared May as Senior Citizens Month and should honor all citizens who are 65 years old and older. Since then, the day has been honored by every other president as the day to support older Americans. 

This support from the government couldn’t have come sooner. We are an aging nation with specific financial, legal, and health needs.
There are currently 5.7 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – the most expensive disease to manage, and only 16% of over 1,000 seniors felt that they could afford the long-term care necessary. 

NAELA Declare May to be National Elder Law Month

The National Academy of Elder Care Attorneys has grabbed the senior citizen ball and run with it.
They have declared May to be National Elder Law Month – a month in which attorneys dedicate their practices to improving their legal services to America’s seniors and individuals with special needs.

A month where Elder Car Attorneys educate the public about their services such as dealing with long-term care, general health care planning, special needs planning, elder abuse, fraud, and Medicaid eligibility.

Kabb Law – Advocating For Our Seniors

The elderly need advocates! 
For those who have family members in nursing homes, we recommend calling the nursing home frequently to inquire about how your loved one is faring. By doing this, “the facility knows that you are checking in on their well-being. If you have any concerns about a loved one’s care or condition, make sure to report your concerns to the facility and follow up with a Supervisor if your concerns are ignored or not addressed.”

There is so much more than the Cleveland public needs to know about Kabb Law – the elder care law firm.
Let’s start with this partial list of what we do for the elderly population:

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Sometimes these areas overlap. This is why Kabb Law has expertise in all the areas and provides the best legal advice. We are in the unique position of excelling in the “navigation of the complex web of rules and regulations for long-term care and health benefits.  

We work with financial advisers, physicians, facilities, seniors, and families to ensure seniors receive the best quality of life possible.” We also have our own social worker on staff to help you deal with these kinds of issues and aid in the planning across all ages of life. Our emphasis is on promoting the highest quality of life for everyone.

The goal is to plan ahead. That way “seniors and persons with special needs can obtain the best quality of life while preserving family assets for as long as possible.”

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Celebrating National Elder Law Month With You

Ok, we agree, that celebrating National Elder Care Law Month isn’t the kind of fun we have on National Strawberry Month or Cinco de Mayo, but take a minute and think about your beloved senior or special needs family member, and think about what it means for them to have the significant benefits listed above.

Reach out to us at Kabb Law (216-991-5222). We are ready to celebrate National Elder Law Month with you and your family.